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I am writing to thank you and your team for the care you provided over the last six years to my father who died a week ago, aged 93.

We chose Adico after much research because it was a small local company and we were impressed by the initial meeting with Sophie. Dad needed help with housework once a week but we always knew Adico could be flexible if his needs changed. In the event Dad continued to look after his personal care until the end, but as he never did any housework it was good to know that someone was keeping the house clean, changing the bedding and looking out for him on a Friday. It meant that when we visited him we could spend quality time with him rather than doing the cleaning.

Last week Alison and Sasha visited to collect the blue folder and it was lovely to talk to them about Dad, learn a bit about them and Adico, and to thank them personally. I had spoken to Alison on the phone many times over the years and it was good to meet for the first time and put a face to the voice. Alison is a great ambassador for Adico. She has always been efficient, reliable, professional and friendly and we could always count on her if anything heeded doing.

We would like to thank all of your team but especially his ‘regulars’, Kay and more recently Tracy. They were both hard working and kind and cared for Dad as a person. They knew how to interact with him which wasn’t always easy due to his poor hearing, anxiety and confusion. I met them several times when visiting Dad and found it valuable to get their observations and thoughts on his condition.

Thanks also for the Christmas and birthday cards over the years, and more recently the condolence card. It’s a nice touch.

Finally I would like to thank you. Although we have never met I know that a company’s culture, values and ways of working come from the top. We wish you and Adico every success in the future.

Please pass on our family’s thanks and best wishes to all of your team.


GC Hertford – June 2023

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