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Care provider charity work. Breast cancer marathon.

Walk the Walk – Marathon Saturday 18th May 2024 – Breast cancer

On Saturday, 18th May 2024, Sasha and Claire participated in Walk The Walk, a charity event aimed at raising funds for breast cancer research and support. Their dedication and hard work paid off, as they successfully raised an impressive total of £1,570. This achievement would not have been possible without the generous support and sponsorship from all of you, and for that, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Your contributions have made a significant difference and have fuelled Sasha and Claire’s passion for making a positive impact.

The marathon itself was no small feat. Sasha and Claire completed the gruelling distance in 7 hours and 10 minutes. Their perseverance and determination throughout the event were truly inspiring, and we are incredibly proud of their accomplishment. Completing a marathon is a monumental task that requires not only physical endurance but also mental strength, and Sasha and Claire demonstrated both in abundance. Their success is a testament to their commitment to the cause and their unwavering spirit.

So, what’s next for these two champions? As they bask in the glow of their recent achievement, Sasha and Claire are already contemplating their next challenge. There’s a buzz of excitement and speculation about what adventure they will embark on next. Perhaps the London to Brighton bike ride is on their horizon? Whatever they choose, we are confident they will tackle it with the same enthusiasm and dedication they showed during Walk The Walk. Stay tuned and watch this space for more updates on their next big endeavour!

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Care provider charity work.  Breast cancer marathon.Care provider charity work.  Breast cancer marathon.

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