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Heat “The Silent Killer”

Severe heat is dangerous to everyone, especially older and disabled people, and those living in Care Homes.
In extreme heat and dry conditions can cause dehydration and the body to overheat.
Aim for 6-8 glasses of liquid a day.
Eat a balanced diet to help replace salt which we can lose by sweating
Eat food that have high fluid content. – Did you know that pears have 92% water?
What to look out for:
Dryness Of the mouth, lips and tongue
Sunken eyes
Dry inelastic skin
Dizziness, confusions or disorientation which can effect falls.
Low blood pressure.
In extreme heat it is vital that all staff are aware of the signs of dehydration.
Dehydration is also associated with a more concentrated urine output and understanding the colour of urine can be useful to detect dehydration.

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