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Healthy Eating Week is taking place from 12 – 16 June 2023

The British Nutrition Foundation’s 11th Healthy Eating Week is taking place from 12 – 16 June 2023.
Healthy Eating Week is all about supporting and promoting healthier lifestyles. As people get older, dietary needs change throughout each stage of life. A balanced diet can help ensure those we support are getting enough essential nutrients to maintain good health and manage long term health conditions.
Top Tips –
Think about the timing of snacks, are individuals being offered snacks throughout the day and in the evening? Some people wake up in the night hungry and thirsty, so offering food later could help the prevention of night time falls.
Talk to the GP about Vitamin D supplements, especially for those with Osteoporosis who are at risk of severe injuries after a fall.
Set a target to enable individuals to drink 6-8 drinks throughout the day.
Keep individuals active by completing everyday activities such as walking, standing and dressing to ensure bones are being used. Avoid sedentary behaviour and ensure people sit less and move more!

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