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Breast Cancer awareness month

Around 30% of breast cancer cases are preventable . By making simple changes to your lifestyle you can help reduce your risk …

COVID Booster Autumn 2022

If you’re a carer – you are eligible for an autumn coronavirus booster vaccine.

You can book it here

Wednesday 28th September 2022 National Fitness Day

Make a change today. Keeping fit is so important as we age. There are many opportunities to join classes across Hertfordshire. Follow …

Sugar rush! Feeling very appreciated today.

We are all running on sugar today in the office. A family member of one of our clients very kindly treated us …

Keep moving

Keep moving with these easy to follow chair based exercises that you can do at home everyday.

Sasha our field care supervisor is …

Going the extra mile

Our office staff have taken on the role of “postie” for the day.
Even with the postal strike we are ensuring that our …