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As an organisation our values are courage, commitment, competence, care, compassion and communication.

These values are at the heart of everything we do.
Courage –
Courage is important to ensure that everyone gets the quality of care that they deserve. It means putting the client first and being brave enough to call out when something is wrong.
Commitment –
Our clients and their care are our priority.
Competence –
All of our staff have achieved the Care Certificate and receive outstanding professional development opportunities.
Care –
We put high quality care at the centre of all work. It means we consistently deliver care that is focussed on the individual and promotes their health and wellbeing.
Compassion –
We deliver care with empathy, respect, and dignity, recognising people’s emotions, and forming relationships with clients based on empathy.
Communication –
We are open and transparent. We believe in ‘no decision about me without me’.

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