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What’s the difference between home care and a care home?

The key difference between home care and a care home (residential care) is that home care is in your home, where as a care home is in a residential care building based with many carers and others in need of care.

Many people feel particularly as they get older that a care home isn’t quite for them and so home care is a perfect balance between having independence and receiving support.

Which one is most appropriate to you entirely depends on you and your circumstances. Indeed some prefer the company a care home can offer, however, others prefer to have their own familiar surroundings.

As care in your own home is becoming more and more popular, here are some of the benefits:

  • Stay in your own familiar surroundings
  • Avoid the stress of moving
  • Maintain independence as much as possible
  • One on one support from the carer
  • The right level of assistance for you – ranging from a couple of hours every week to 24 hr live-in care
  • As care is designed for you, you can choose what you need support with
  • Home care isn’t restricted to the home and can include day trips out or help with shopping

The flexibility offered by home care is something that is very attractive most, coupled with the fact it can be far more hassle-free that than deciding on and moving to a new home. However it really does depend on you and your circumstances and many benefit better from a care home instead.

We are more than happy to speak with you regarding your circumstances and what you or your relative may be looking for with regards to home care. Feel free to call us today on 01992 509464 and we can discuss your options or even if you are unsure if home care is right for you.

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