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What is Domiciliary Care?

Otherwise known as homecare, domiciliary care is the term used to describe supportive care within the home. The term itself is somewhat of an ambiguous one as it can refer to a wide range of care, from short home visits through to permanent live in care. Available to people of all ages, and with a varied range of care needs, domiciliary care is often the preferred option as it allows you, the individual, to stay in the place where you feel most comfortable, your own home.

A carer will visit your home and help out with any tasks that you cannot safely manage by yourself, such as personal care, light housework, meal preparation, medication prompting etc. While domiciliary care is usually non-medical, some carers are medically trained and can help you with certain medical tasks within the home.

Another important factor to be taken into consideration is one of companionship. Often a visiting carer is the only person an individual will have contact with throughout the day and the importance of that interaction should not be underestimated. The chance to share a few words with someone familiar to you is hugely beneficial, keeping morale up and loneliness at bay.

Although the word domiciliary is taken from the Latin word for home (domus), it can also extend beyond the home too. You may want to do your own shopping, but need a helping hand to do so. Or, you may need somebody to accompany you on a hospital visit. A good care provider should be able to accommodate such needs whenever they may arise.

Domiciliary care is invaluable to anyone who wants to maintain a certain level of independence, but still requires additional help around the home. Whether you need a single 30 minute visit, or full time care, if staying in your own home is imperative to you then domiciliary care may be just the answer.

We are more than happy to speak with you regarding your circumstances and what you or your relative may be looking for with regards to homecare services in Hertfordshire. Feel free to call us today on 01992 509464 and we can discuss your options or even if you are unsure if homecare is right for you.

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